The DAO Global Hackathon is a bounty-based hackathon, meaning our partners have pooled over 140,000 USD to see fun projects built!

Here’s what we’re looking for:



[Aragon] Best decision-making plugin

USD 4000

As organizations mature, how they make decisions naturally changes. However, for DAOs on-chain, changing their governance mechanisms has traditionally not been easy - often requiring them to launch an entirely new DAO simply to evolve and grow.

Aragon OSx introduces a new reality. Changing how teams make decisions is as simple as installing or uninstalling decision-making plugins, as needs arise. These governance plugins can each have their own membership criteria, proposal configurations, and set up. The entire ecosystem benefits from having more governance plugins to use within their DAOs to experiment with governance at the speed of software.



Point of Contact: Juliette Chevalier, Developer Advocate ([email protected])


[Aragon] Most creative use of Aragon OSx

USD 5000

DAOs are groups of addresses managing assets together. How these groups are formed, which assets they manage, and how they do it is entirely up to the organization. And we want to see experimentation come up into the types of organizations using this technology.

DAOs embedded within games? DAOs as the foundations for social groups or board of directors? DAOs as coffee cooperatives? NGOs? Within academic settings? How can we bring the benefits of DAOs closer to the communities that need it most and experiment with this new form of organizing?