The problem:

Users report to dTech on software issues with Aragon Products, some of them which need immediate attention (high priority), and others which can wait (low priority). Dev-champs in our Product Team need to save as much of their available 🧠-power as possible to ship quality code in order to create hugely successful Aragon Products, support is needed on solving software issues.

The solution:

Software Support (SOS)! 🤗 dTech assists our Dev-champs by debugging software issues (immediately if need be), by creating fixes for software issues where we can, or by escalating issues to the relevant repository owners when necessary.

The Process:

The workflow for fixing software issues is properly coordinated and documented with a joint dTech - Product Team Jira Kanban Board:

Agile Board - Jira

Only the most pressing software issues will be elevated to the product team (on the Más Jira Board for Aragon Legacy products, and on the Aragon App Jira Board for the new App) who can then reassign maintenance and high priority issues as needed.

A collaboration call between one person on the product team and dTech will be setup for 30 min, twice a month to ensure alignment. All transparency will be in Jira, Github, and a synopsis in the dTech monthly report. @Ramon Canales

Example software issues worked on by dTech:

Issue: DAO creation failing on Aragon Client Polygon Mainnet

Priority: high, 95% of new Aragon users failed to create DAOs