The Challenge

Go beyond posting / amplification & find new ways to encourage the community to engage with our content. You are our LINK to the community, nurture them & understand the best way to speak to them.

Best Practices

  1. Cover all governance content & amplify all of @AragonProject posts.
  2. Use Agora to schedule evergreen content.
  3. Only post 1-2 times per day MAX. Dao Concepts are hard to grasp.
  4. Only blogs posted on the official Aragon Blog will be amplified. Please do not pull from our working Notion pages, that could possibly lead to a breach in security.
  5. Try not to copy paste instructions. Find new ways to communicate in the best way that speaks to the community.
  6. Use emojis & bullet points to make content more attractive to audiences.
  7. Make sure to leave a space in between emojis and words.
  8. Always front load the link in any thread.
  9. Always reply asap to increase engagement.
  10. Create a weekly report & keep AA in the loop. We will now be strictly watching metrics.

I will be sharing our Content Calendar every week so we are all aligned with what AA is posting. If you’re unsure about strategy feel free to DM me for alignment. We are trying to support each other.