Aim: Provide information about the size of DAO-creation platforms similar to Aragon, especially about the North Star Metric (”Number of active DAOs”, Active DAOs as any DAO that was created and has had a vote or transaction in the last 12 months.).


Phase Estimated duration Status
Ensure the contract information is correct and we do not miss any important information from each tool. 3 days
Get contract information about transaction 4 days
Data querying and visualization 2 days
Asses results and decide next steps 1 day




Fabs’ notes on necessary tasks

  1. @Henrystats will create a document (maybe google docs?) with the contracts you are looking at in the dashboard above? It is important for the devs for us to know exactly the contracts so we can be sure we are comparing the precise things.
  2. Orca has been rebranded to Metropolis: We will probably need to update
  3. GNOSIS / Gnosis Safe (?) has some protocol to create daos as well apparently... Martín Do you know what this is about? Could you please help on this?
  4. TOP REQUEST: try to create a NSM (North Star Metric) for the created DAOs too.... this will be complex but cool. maybe we need help from other data resources.
  5. can we do a comparison between periods (i.e. X%more/less than last week)
  6. Martín | Aragon Data (UTC-3) Do you know of any other smart contracts we should be monitoring?
  7. Polygon. We want to include Polygon in our data, but there is a problem....
  8. time periods for evaluation = quarters
    1. Step 1 for active DAOs = send and receive in a quarter
      1. Comparison between Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4
      2. Similar for creation % change