Check-in 5 mins:

  1. Check-in Fintan - Fintan is good, not too bad… Dog is not doing so well :/
  1. Contributor Scrum Stand-up (10-15 mins)

    1. What did I do in the last week?
    2. What will I do in the week ahead
    3. Are there any impediments in my way

    Moderating telegram

    Blockers- Not having a defined strategy

    Last week- Discord Engagement, researching ways to increase engagement

    -Identified 2 or 3 DAOs to study the dao builders in their ecosystem. Looking at doing a presentation for Aragon.

    -Working with Fabs to track metrics in Discord


  2. Social media - Outreach (20mins) -

    DAO Creator Tools 🚀 ( Find a DAO for developers and make contact

    Phero joining other Telegram group and dm-ing users getting information from them

    Going out to other communities, see what they are talking about take notes from these topics and start creating topics around these topics. Invite them to join our communities to join these discussions

    Action Item:

  3. To-Do (15 mins)

Having it ready every Friday from Ayo Amplification Social events - community roundtable, community wellbeing proposals, self care with Fabs, Start posting the weekly overview on Reddit @ellis liu that Pheros posts on Telegram every Monday

Add Topic of the Week every Monday on Content Calendar

Discord roll up on pause - update?

Move everything over to the new sheet