Check-in 5 mins:

  1. Check-in
  1. Contributor Scrum Stand-up (10-15 mins)

    1. What did I do in the last week?
    2. What will I do in the week ahead
    3. Are there any impediments in my way

    Blockers- Missed a few meetings

    Do we have a repository to start building relationships with DAO builders? Fabs created a form for Ayo so she can store the Data without privacy issues → @Fabs Martins will post a link Link to CRM form:

    What will I do in the week ahead


    Sharing documentation on Reddit


    Shwan and Anukriti are ghosting me

    Can’t proceed further with Communication Handbook until we fix Discord and the forum

    RnDAO workshop 2 - decision on what to do needs to be taken

    Website for Aragon Discord CTA not easily discoverable

    Fabs: Try to figure out why the developers & contributors stay in that DAO? What does that DAO define what a contributor is? Only consider a contributor like an ambassador

    Devs, Contributors and builders. What is in it for them to stay in the community?

  2. To-Do’s from last week (10mins) -

    1. Research
  3. Metrics and OKR’s:

  1. Build Agenda(15 mins)